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Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank

About Dubai Islamic Bank

  • Company Industry: Banking
  • Company Location: United Arab Emirates

Established in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank is the first Islamic bank to have successfully implemented the Islamic system of banking in all its shades. Help and encouragement came in from everywhere such as the government, people and the central bank of UAE.

The economic and business philosophy of Islam encourages generation and sharing of profits. However, it forbids giving or taking of interest. Dubai Islamic Bank is the first Islamic bank in the world to practically implement this concept. Leveraging the strengths of Islamic business and economic concepts on one hand and state-of-the-art banking technology on the other, we create partnerships with our customers to generate profits. These are then shared between us. A vast array of products has been created to suit every conceivable need of our valued customers.


Vacancies at Dubai Islamic Bank

Find the latest vacancies advertised in 2015 by Dubai Islamic Bank.

  Job Title Job Role Location Date Posted decreasing
1. Product Manager - Debit Cards Accounting/Banking/Finance United Arab Emirates - Dubai 2015-01-08
2. Senior Officer - Internet Web Master Technology/IT United Arab Emirates - Dubai 2015-01-06

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